Looking for blender fans in London

I am just looking for Blender fans in London…that’s all. Anyway I am an architect visualizer and need some friend to talk about Blender, animations etc. Unfortunately I recognized that Blender is not a “widespread” application in this area …

Well, you have probably found the right place, regardless of your location. There are a lot of good folks here that you can talk with. And a lot of help as well.

So. I dont need help (now) just I would like to get to know some blender user who live in London and in the future we would traet with a common studio or projects.

I was in london some years ago. Sorry I don’t live there now.

I wish I lived there, but I don’t :(.
By the way, I don’t think blender is really ‘widespread’ in any location. It’s pretty normal not to know anybody in person.

Been there back in 2004, but unfortunately I don’t live there. I’d probably move there at the drop of a hat for the right job offer.