Looking for Blender Game Engine experts for Mars exploration Virtual Reality project

Hi Everybody,
we are the Italian Mars Society and we are trying to build an immersive Mars exploration virtual simulation.

The work in progress from Blender side can be found in this repository:

We need now urgent support for:

  • the development of our model of the ERAS habitat in Blender, The simplified model of a single habitat module is available here:
    We have a complete model much heavier. Such a model should be modified and expanded to adapt it to accommodate 4 people.
    The right balance between detail (and realism) of the model and computational load of the simulations using the Blender game engine must be found. We want to run our simulations on machines of average power (latest generation of commercial PC, ex: i5 / i7 processors, 8GB memory, average graphic cards).

  • We are developing avatars that are driven by a kinect device and support visualization via Oculus Rift. We need support for the finalization of those avatars: correct sizing, scaling, capability to walk around on the martian terrain being prepared and inside the ERAS habitat, etc.

  • The various Martian terrains and the ERAS station will need to be extended by adding capacity for interaction with the human avatars in ways similar to the ones described here:

If you have the necessary expertise please get in touch. We confirm this is going to be a payed job, not a volunteer one (even if we are a no profit organization)

Hello IMS, sorry to respond so late, but i just bumped on your post looking for Oculus Rift entries

I’m a professional in 3d GFX, with 10 years experience in videogaming, recently i’ve been interested in VR and Oculus Rift and managed to have it working with the BGE

At the moment i’m starting my Blender lesson and i have to be short, but in the next days i want to check your project, then give you more precise specification

by the way: i’m italian and very fond of space exploration

i’m getting in touch soon

buona giornata