Looking for Blender Guru

I’m looking for someone who can be my personal Blender guru (if u aren’t Andrew Price insnt a problem), to teach me bases, lighting and tricks.
I’m not too new in blender but i m quite “fresh” and i need someone that help me to improve
(hourly paid)

Not as awesome as Andrew, but I’m a blender artist since 2001 :slight_smile: and a professional one since 2009. I’ve been featured on the Gallery once The Opel GT and on the Blender Siggraph 2011 reel https://youtu.be/QbzE8jOO7_0?t=129 I do know tricks for almost anything and I’ve made almost everything by now.
How do you want the lessons? Would it work by e-mail? If yes I’m interested :slight_smile: I can’t deal very well with skype :confused:

Hi. Do you have a specific project you would like to start the training with? (What do you want to specifically do)?

Best regards.
David R.

it is about archviz and design most

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here’s my archviz portfolio:

and a render i made today

I have other softwere skills as well such as sketchup, 3Ds Max, Unreal Engine.
let me know you want to learn blender from me.

I can help I’ve been using Blender for along time ago, since 2.6 era…If you’re interested please contact me at [email protected] or PM

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