Looking for .:Blender Teachers:.

Hi my Name is Alex and I work in a growing studio in San Pedro California. We have a room filled with six 20" imac G5s running Blender. I would like to invite anyone interested in a job teaching blender to curious teenagers. I would really like to see this room used to its fullest potential and I think Blender is one of the tools that will make this happen! If you live close enough and would like to give it a try then feel free to contact me anytime.

alex monita
Video Studio Director
1200 S. Cabrillo Ave.
San Pedro Ca, 90731
[email protected]
1 (310) 833 - 1322 ext 246

i wonder if ‘faceless’ online-teaching would work in this case. (realtime video/audio feed)

This sounds cool, but I’m too far… Anyway, good luck Alex!

Hi Alex,

I'm an active member of the Blender Foundation Education ( BF-e) and i would like to invite you, as well as all that could be interested in, to join the bfe's mailing list at


where you can be up to date about educational projects, instructors, and certification programs.
Also take a look at the bfe’s wiki at


there you can list the teachers that use your facilities (or look for teachers), attend to monthly meetings, download working material for courses and workshops, list activities related to education, etc.

If you like something more interactive meet us at irc.freenode.net channel #blendereducation.



Thank you guys so much for your support, the responses and tips have been very uplifting. I will look into the Blender Foundation Education programs and continue to invite anyone interested in helping blender become more active in the classroom!