Looking for Blender / Tech & Hardware-savvy Writers

Hi all!

I am a 3D Artist myself (used to do lots of Blender too back in the days) but am also running a Computer-Hardware Blog, where I publish Articles on finding PC-Builds and Hardware Components for all kinds of CG and DCC Software. (cgdirector.com if you want to check it out)

For the field of computer hardware for creatives, given the fact that our audience is extremely technology savvy, we need writers with extensive knowledge of hardware and the ability to judge hardware for its pros and cons, without depending on fanboy rhetoric.

It is very important to understand that you will be commenting on real hardware technology trends, making comparisons and drawing your own conclusions. You will need to know what you are talking about.

That said, we are more specifically looking for someone who:

  • is a native English speaker
  • Has the ability to write roughly 2000-5000 Word long Articles that are interesting, helpful and easy to read and understand (no tight deadlines)
  • knows very well how 3d Software utilizes the Computer’s Hardware, for example for Blender, or maybe even other 3D / DCC Software
  • has an interest in Benchmarking, Hardware optimizing
  • has knowledge of building their own PC
  • can do some research for the respective Articles

This is a paid Freelance Job. The amount and payment processing (usually 50% upfront, 50% after completion) can be negotiated and we would be very interested in what it would cost to write an article similar to this one here https://bit.ly/2D8oTmK, about Blender for example. So:

  • how does Blender use the Hardware
  • What Hardware would be best for blender, for cpu rendering in blender, for cycles gpu rendering and so on.

You can work from anywhere (with an active internet connection :slight_smile:

Feel free to write me at contact[at]cgdirector[dot]com or answer in this Thread, not sure how this is usually done here at blenderartists.

Maybe you can ballpark what you would charge (or your rates and how long it would take), and if you have some kind of writing examples, that would be fabulous!

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you!


Fantastic. I am i terested. Out of the office. Will write back later. Tag.