looking for CG artist experienced in product visualization using Blender Internal


My name is Marta and i work for a Shoe design company based in UK.
We are currently looking for freelancer to help setting up a scene in Blender for shoe visualization.
No need for animation , just stills with studio lighting to show the shoe shape and materials.

The main requirements are
-white background
-side or 45’ angle view
-different materials
-use of Blender Internal Renderer and materials

The project will be a few weeks long and we are looking for someone to start ASAP.

PIf you are interested please PM or email me at

marta (dot) ilieva (at) gmail (dot) com

with portfolio examples to discuss the project, payment, etc.

Looking forward to hearing back from you !



Just curious … why Bender internal?

Hi. I’m sending my folio for a review…


All my work was done with blender internal.

please check my demoreel http://youtu.be/10TiAQIRmSs

Same question here. Why Blender Internal? And…why not cycles?

Thank you all for your interest in this project ! It was already arranged with a CG artist from Blender community and it is no longer available.

And to answer your question ‘Why Blender Internal ?’ - it is a requirement from the developers that we work with ; and also - because of the rendering times

Thanks again for the interest !