looking for cg artist for paid uv-mapping

Hi everyone.

I am looking for someone to help with UV-mapping in Blender.
There are about 50 shoes modeled in Rhino end exported to Blender. The shoes are created from separate meshes (for the heel, heel top, straps, etc. ).
All of the meshes should be mapped in 0-1 space and to have consistent scaling. Also the uv-maps should be consistent among all of the shoes.

I’m attaching some screenshots on how the mapping looks.
Auto mapping is ok for most of the meshes.
Some need extra work (because of the Rhino export the geometry is not clean on all meshes)

Thank you!


hmm those shoes in your screenshots are pretty high-resolution. that could mean problems for UV unwrapping. do you have low-res versions as well?

Thank you all for your replies! The job is already awarded to a member of Blender community.