Looking for Char Modelers - semi realistic style

Hail there,

I am working on a 1 min animation which includes 7 characters and I am looking for Character Modelers,you will be given credit for participating.

We are nearly finished with the Tavern - a fantasy style inn in front of which the action will take place.
Also there si need for some small props so if you want to help and can do non organic modeling feel free to let me know.:smiley:

We have a battle/fight choreographer onboard and a character animator so we need just characters.
Now about that semi realistic style mentioned above the thing is that I dont need fully detailed hyper realistic characters yet characters of realistic proportions but the things like the clothes etc will be less detailed…

So if you guys are interested let me know.
Here is my mail:

[email protected]

and my msn adress:

[email protected]