Looking for Character and Environmental Modelers

Hi everyone, we’re currently looking for both character and environmental modelers for our third-person action RPG, Primetus.

The world is in turmoil. The ruler of the early-stage empire of Aristos has gone missing without a trace, his daughter crowned reigning monarch, and petty rulers very much displeased with this. To make things worse, the neighboring nation of Baskeir, home to the beastmen, is preparing for war with the fractured Aristos.

A year after the disappearance of Aristos’ former ruler, several prisoners escape lockup in neutral territory and return to Aristos, the player among them; however, the beastmen of the neighboring nation of Baskeir aim to start war any day. The player is now set to live through these events.

About the Game
Primetus is a third-person open world fantasy action RPG with implicit and immersive storytelling where the player is entirely incidental to events which unfold. This isn’t your typical ‘player is the hero, can mow down entire armies without effort, saves the day and happily ever after’ kind of stories and attempts to emphasize the possibility of failure and give a novel experience each playthrough through decisions which actually matter.

We want the art style to be stylized and exaggerated while still being able to pull off a serious tone with the story. We also want our different races in game to be different than in other games, for example, our elven race if modeled after Aztec culture rather than your typical haughty elf design.

So far we’ve built some core components of the game, including the inventory system, character controller, quest system, chunk loading, and day/night scripts. We’re currently in pre-alpha development and working on the first environment of the game, a prison.

Additionally, we have a lot of concept art and much of the story written and being edited, as well as a few pieces of music.

We’re using Unity 5 and coding in C#. Our art team uses a combination of Maya, Blender, and Photoshop.

The team communicates via Skype and organizes all notes in a shared OneNote notebook while art assets are shared and organized in a Google Drive.

Basic Requirements
Above all else, we require you to be willing to learn when you need to and work in a timely manner. While we don’t expect anyone working on things full-time and understand things come up, we don’t have time to deal with people getting bored and just leaving the project because of it, so it’s imperative you also take the project seriously and make sure it’s something you can see yourself dedicated to.

Other than that, we just require you be at least 16 years old and maintain constant communication with the team.

Character Modelers
Must be able to:

  • Create an end mesh that has good topology for animation
  • Rig
  • Weight paint

We want our art style to be similar to games like Wildstar and Darksiders, so ability to make stylized/exaggerated models is crucial.
Environmental Modelers
If you can create a base mesh and work with a stylized art style and meet the basic requirements, you’re set.

If you’re interested in the position either email us, contact me (AJ) on Skype directly, or send us a message here and we’ll get back to you within a day.

Be sure to include some examples of your work (be it screenshots, a portfolio, video/demo reel) and please include the position you’re applying for in the subject line of your application.

Email: [email protected]
Skype: serpent883