Looking for character animators

Hi, I’m working on a short animation project for a client.
currently, it’s in pre-production process. the production will take place in November.

I’m looking for some character animators to help me on this.

There are 3 characters, a boy, a girl, and a talking bird.
It’s mostly talking heads and some adventurous actions.
I will provide camera blocking for each shots with specific number of frames.
Total running time should be within 10 minutes with no more than 80 shots.
but you could take less amount if you can’t handle them all.
The animation need to be convincing to those untrained eyes, but doesn’t have to be Disney’s quality.

You should be familiar with Rigify (Pitchi Poy’s version), Pose Library, NLA, linking assets between files,
because I will make use of them a lot.
We will collaborate on-line through Dropbox, Google Drive, or Amazon S3.
All works are copyrighted, you may need to sign NDA first.

If you’re interested please send

  • your showreel involving character animation
  • your rate (per 1 minute per character)
  • estimate time it takes you to get 1 minute done.

to my email at boonsak @ watanavisit . com
I will be reviewing candidates and contact you back later.
payment will be made through paypal

thank you.