Looking for character / background designs for fighting game and other projects


I’m looking for someone I can work with to help me come up with and visual realize different characters (and later, backgrounds and whatever else) for a fighting game.

I am working with a writer and have an extremely detailed, original sci-fi universe with time-travel, other dimensions, lots of fun aliens and complex politics. The world and story is inspired by the terminator franchise, animorphs, sliders, the-xfiles and back-to-the-future, as well as a wide array of comics and many other awesome things not mentioned…

I will be programming the bulk of the game myself, and using my own savings to outsource what I cannot. I am working with a writer who is aiding in exchange for credit, and I am having a contract written up to give a percentage of profits after I earn back my own costs.

I’m hoping to find a similar deal with some aspiring artists. Credit guaranteed, and a percentage of any future profits. Given that payment is not guaranteed, it seemed appropriate to post it in the projects forum.

The world and universe is develop somewhat, but there is still tons of room for input and creativity. There is a lot not yet decided which I am open on.

I’m interested in seeing stuff in the same art style used for the Mortal Kombat X tower endings. For those not familiar, they can be found on you-tube.

I am not a particularly skilled character modeler, but if no-one else will help, I would be glad to lend a hand. Any concept art? So far, all I know in regards to what you are wanting is “Mortal-combat sci-fi characters and backgrounds”… pretty vague. If you can clarify, that would help tremendously.

Sorry, I tried my best, but what I made would hardly be fit for anything. (just trust me, it looked aweful)

Wish you luck on your project though.

No worries, and thank you very much :slight_smile: