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Hey guys!

I’ve been sitting on an idea for an animated miniseries for a while now, and I’ve finally decided to just dive in and get started. I can handle most aspects of the project myself, but at the moment I really need a good character designer to come up with some designs for a single character.

The miniseries follows around an ambitious but rather clumsy android at his first day as an intern at a law office. The first “episode” has an exchange between the robot and the office receptionist (which is the character I need designed). I don’t have a budget in mind at the moment, but if you can tell me what it will take to get some illustrations done (or even some sculpting or modeling if you can do it) I’ll do what I can to get the money together.

Thanks for taking the time guys!

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Hey Wayland, would love to be a part of this, and since you don’t mind designs be built in with sculpting that may help speed things up too for you. I am a professional character artist with over 7 years of experience. and we can do everything from designing the character. modeling her out for animation and even setting her up for 3d print if you want a physical model to show off.

here is my website https://www.aefoundry.com/

all the character art is done by me and my partner is a hard surface and environment modeller and very knowledgeable in blender. so possibly later down the line when you need worlds/environments built out you can use his skill set as well.

This project sounds fun so I look forward to hearing from you and speaking more!
please contact me at [email protected]

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