Looking for cheap reference image viewer

What I am talking about is a secondary monitor. I looked at digital photo frames, but for the cost I could get a monitor. I tried looking at tracing light boxes. Then there is the second monitor. Or I could use a laptop. What are ways I could get a second monitor for reference images? I thought about printing.

Anything with a screen that’s convenient. If you can afford a second monitor, then that’s the best of the options. An alternative would be a programe called PureRef which is free, and is specifically made for reference images. It’s lite weight, and can sit on a single screen using blender quite comfortably.

Yeah, PureRef is the way to go:

I got an ultrawide monitor and the best way to use its space is to split the screen in half and put the reference in the side.

Been using Kuadro for years and can’t praise it enough… it truly rocks. I never tried PureRef because Kuadro is seemingly perfect. http://www.kruelgames.com/tools/kuadro/