Looking for coders and character artists (modelers+animators) for Riven remake

I have been working with a team of Blender artists for a year and a half now, remaking Riven (The sequel to Myst) in BGE. We were originally using a different engine with a Blender plugin, but we are now making the jump to 100% Blender (BGE). So far we have made only rudimentary exploration demos, with a few clickable animated objects, mainly logic bricks so far.

As anybody who has played a Myst game before knows, we have a lot of puzzle development in our future. We’re looking for people who know their way around the BGE API who are willing to help us out in our endeavors. We are also looking for a talented figure artist (or two :-)) to model, rig, and/or animate characters for the game. Please note that the project is entirely volunteer-based (even for us). But it’s fun! And the people are great :-).

You can follow our progress (as well as see screenshots, renders, etc.) at www.starryexpanse.com.

Just an update: we are also looking for character modelers+animators.

Wicked .D I myself have only tried Exile, how does it compare to Riven and the original Myst?
I really like what you are doing :slight_smile: Keep at it!

Hi there,

I like the look of those screenshots and puzzle games are always good.

I have never played either Myst, Riven nor Exile and am not sure what kind of game it is. A youtube search didn’t bring anything up that looked remotely like a 3D game, so what kind of game are you making, 3rd person adventure/puzzle, point and click adventure?