Looking for collaboration on latest project

Hey Community! This is a personal start-up project. I’m looking for animators and somewhat skilled blender lovers to build with and collaborate.

I have been creating 3 products for a Fur collection for the past 4 years for my personal start-up. Now looking to animate the products, and make high-end heavy-looking fur move with physics to create fun, furry 15-sec ads for each product. This project is for anyone looking to collaborate and learn together! We are pushing towards a luxury fashion brand, therefore going for hyper-photorealism. If you are feeling passionate and would like to help me improve this project, please PM me and I can send over the files. If your collaboration is extensive, i may also consider giving percentages out so once the company is public and we have sales you can get compensation.

Everything seen on every render is 100% my work. I have 10+ years in 2D design and 3 years of 3D in Blender. Rendered on Blender using Cycles, edited on Photoshop, and Lightroom.
Good luck out there guys!