Looking for collaboration while learning how to make a game.

Hello fellow forum posters,

 I am a 21 year old university student taking a subject which is completely unrelated to game development. That being said I am very interested in learning how to make games in any capacity and have some free time to devote to the task. Basically I am looking for a small team of people to come up with an idea and try to complete it on a deadline (possibly 3 months, looking to give a long enough time frame to make something interesting, but not so long that it drags out) while learning all I can during the creation. This will be casual as I understand any interested party may also have a job or a life (not a requisite). Any one interested PM me, if there is enough interest game development will commence promptly. Preferably I am looking for mature individuals who have some idea of what it takes to make a game. I need amateur coders, texture and model designers as well as sound and story design, really if you think you can bring anything to the table message me. Also I would prefer if everyone had skype and an in use email address to stay in touch and keep the project moving forward.

                                                                                                 Yours truly,

Clave, I would love to cooperate with you on a project. I have written a few snippets of a science fiction story that I would like to make into a short film or cartoon - you could use it if you wanna make a sci-fi game. I love games with great story lines and plot like starcraft or rpg games like heroes of might and magic where there is war and romance and drama. I can write and program. Please send me an email at [email protected] to discuss and exchange ideas. Thanks a lot !


I sent you a PM saying I’m interested in joining, I can do pretty much whatever since I’ve made games before and I’ve been working with blender a lot lately. With GengYang I think we can rough out a game with Zelda-like gameplay in a short time period.