Looking for consultation on materials and character rigging

Hello. I am well into an animation and it’s going pretty well. Two areas I am weak at are materials and character rigging. So looking for help there.

I only have two characters that need a rig, and they are simple I think. One’s a little alien and one’s an astronaut. No dragons, no mutants. I’m just bad at rigging, and it’s possible the way I modelled them is problematic. So seeking help. Maybe a consult, maybe you can just do the rigs.

No need for photorealism. This is a cartoon feel. I have a lot of shots that look just great (to me)! Except when the camera gets up close you can see the old 80s style low res textures and it’s not great.I don’t need realism, but also want to be consistent and a little bit above straight solid cartoon colors. So certain materials are giving me issues. This may require a little artistic creativity as well as technical. I’m open to what the landscape would look like closeup, for instance, as long as it fits. This is a fun animation on Mars. No materials needed on the characters. This is just closeups on landscapes. Again, I think it’s a small job / consult if you know what you’re doing, but you tell me.

I have about 3 minutes of the animation complete except for these improvements. Once we get the right materials and rigs I can take it from there.

Thank you!

Hello! Maybe I can help you, but I need more info, and see how are made this characters and assets. Can we talk about it?

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