Looking for couple modelers with animation skills. [game project]


Our game project is coming up to that point where we need to start doing the 3D world. Currently making a game that mix up the RTS and FPS game play. We are small group and working with casual timetable, because we have real life that takes time… Work and studies. Project is not funded or it does not have any money involved so far.


If you are interested to create space world and you love sci-fiction environments. You do have creative side and you can bring your own ideas. You have skill with blender to create object in good details and have understanding about game engines in what details models can be create. If you have previous experiment for game modeling, that is always good :slight_smile: Also skills with animating is welcome.

I cannot offer money at this point, but long as the project goes i actually might have something to give. We are multinational group and looking for new nice people to join.

If you are interested to create something new to game industry contact me!

[email protected]

I could help in my spare time, as a Blender beginner.

Ill be in touch via email.

Soon have enough ppl to continue, you with exceptional animation skills or texturing throw me a mail and lets make a great game!

Ok, making some updates. Loads to be done. We still are looking for modelers that can produce low poly models with good detail. Also texturing is preferred or atleast making the UV maps to 2d artists.

This is a scetch for our pilot model, are you up to that task? contact me!