Looking for CPU farms for high resolution Fluid-Sims and Cycles-Animations

Hi, i am wondering what the rates would be for someone to help me with some “high resolution” baking of a fluid simulation?
I am not sure what the typical units would be to help you quote this. Also i am not completely sure how i should describe the scene or the complexity of the simulation. But if you have any questions I would be glad to provide some answers.

If you are capable of “cycles” rendering large animations or render farming these fluid simulations i would be interested!

Please specify if you are a business or not and please post or pm me your contact details.

Repeat business is also a possibility as this company does involve water/flow. And this is only an intro to a line of videos proposed.


Thanks Richard for the mentioning our site.

We can take care of such projects and have powerful CPU based servers (32 threads, 64GB RAM or more). One thing to note though is that the bake is handled on a single server, so that might take a while to be done.

We can also render large animations in a timely manner, as we can allocate many servers to your job.

Please test our farm and let me know if you need any help. Sending a ticket on the site would be the fastest way, though a PM here will be answered as well.

I personally recommend render.st, having used them. These guys really understand Blender users.

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Fox Renderfarm

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+1 render.st :slight_smile:
I had great experience with them… doesn’t get any more Blender friendly than that, and great support as well!