Looking for creative minds for Fantasy short film

Hey everyone,

I am currently in post-production on an epic fantasy short film and am looking to collaborate with some talented artists here. The film is in the vein of The Dark Crystal, The Lord of the Rings and Dune. While we have used many practical effects on set there’s some exciting world building opportunities to explore through Blender.

We are currently in need of animators, lighting, texture, environment and compositors. I would love to connect with collaborators who love the worlds of Tolkien, Jim Henson and Star Wars who are willing to flex their creative muscles.

If you’re interesting in learning more please reach out at any time. I’ve attached the poster to the film and a few screen shots below.


Hi Timothy.

I am a professional physical set worker looking to pivot into doing more 3D-side film work. I am also a big fan of Tolkein and fantasy genres.

I have over a year of experience working in Blender, as well as some familiarity with Unreal, Quixel, and Adobe Suite.

You can find samples of my work on Artstation:

It sounds like a fun project. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

If this is a non paying gig you might want to post the script so people can gain interest. Even with paying gigs famous actors will want to read the script before they agree to do the movie.

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Hey Watercycles,

That’s a great idea!
A Promise of Light Draft FINAL.pdf (227.8 KB)

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Following to see how it all goes down. I’d love to know if you’ve gotten your team together.

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We haven’t fully got a team together at the moment but a few dedicated people are working away each day! But each day brings a new chance for someone to join on :slight_smile:

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