Looking for creator (collar & cuffs) | Fallout3

Hey guys,

I’m looking for someone who can create a few items. The items are for the game Fallout3. I don’t know exactly what would be possible to create an what wouldn’t…

But what about a (posture) collar and cuffs? Would it be possible to create a complete new collar?
I don’t like the custom steel collar which is available in the game. I’d like to see a leather collar much more :slight_smile: Maybe some like the following ones :


Enlarged pic…

Would something like that be possible to create?
I’d even pay for it :wink:

So - I hope there’s someone out there who is able to create such collar and cuffs^^
Just let me know!^^

You might be better off to check at fallout3nexus.com or the Bethsoft official forums. There you’re more apt to find folks familiar with the NIF scripts and Fallout’s own little export foibles (yeah, it has some).