Looking for critics. Arch vizualitation

So I’ve been working on this scene, I know there’s a lot to work on. But I render this just to see how it was looking and my materials seem to have a very cartoonish look rather than a realistic one.
For lighting I’m using a HDRi and for the materiales I’m using image textures and normal maps.
Please give me some tips on how can I avoid this

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High res textures might help. but the bed feels too low to the ground to me and the scene in general feels like it’s missing a lot… nothing, other than the sheets, to show of the character or personality of the person who lives there. No night stands, plants, lamps, curtains, knick knacks, mementos, personal effects, etc. Maybe could use just a little sculpting on the pillows to add a little softness with some wrinkles, pinching, etc.

Now that I look at it again, I think the problem with the texture is that you have the scale on it too big. Try adjusting the scale and see if that helps.

And look for some references to see how pillows, bedspreads, sheets, etc form wrinkles.

You’ve got a great start. Just keep tweaking and adding and you can turn this into something interesting!

I agree with the above and would only add forget an HDR for the moment and have a sun lamp streaming through the window. IMHO a really nice start but as gradyp mentioned the space lacks character which can be easily taken care of. A image on a plane outside the window wouldn’t hurt either.

Thanks for your tips!
Yeah, I always find difficult to put the textures on the correct scale.

Well about the image outside the window I think that if you try to take a photo from an interior the outside will mostly always be white

Yeah! I like the idea of the bed being low towards the ground. Thanks, I will put more attetion to those textures