Looking for critique - Lowpoly Rigging

Hey folks. I’ve setup a simple rig for a lowpoly (~1500 tris) character - no constraints or drivers or bone shapes or anything clever (yet). The .blend also includes a simple animation to test the rig.

I’m just looking to get some notes on my rigging for the elbows and knees (and possibly the teeth). I’m getting some zfighting on where the upper and lower legs overlap in the model, with something similar on the elbows and I’m wondering if this is par for the course for lowpoly models or if somebody can provide some workflow suggestions for avoiding this mash.

In fairness, this really only happens in extremes (squatting etc), so I’m not massively worried about it, but I figured I should see if somebody can give me any useful tips - or general critique!

Much obliged.

Try lowering the UpperLeg a bit, otherwise it’s good.

Excellent, @DragonSkunk2 ! Much appreciated. Sorry it took a while to get back to you, but I dig any feedback I can get!