Looking for Critique of Scene

Well being new to Blender I am trying to make a simple scene.:confused: I have never worked in 3D. All I have ever worked with is Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. So please let me know what you think.
Thanks and I look forward to learning all I can.
Mitch H.


It looks great!

Instead of having the wooden rim around the hot tub, it would look more realistic to have it even with the ground, and maybe some tile around it. It sort of looks like a wooden donut.

My only other issue is that the rocks have some greenish thing going on. They look great (the bump map really helps) but they would look better without the green pattern.
That being said, I love the water and the cloth!

As I believe you were going for a vine styled texture for the walls, I would advise going with blusock’s advice and going with a standard rock texture, and then model some vines going up it.

I also agree with the hot tub thing.

The fire off the grill should be a little more random, especially as far as height and shape as well as placement

The armrests on the chairs look just a bit too glossy to me. I’d try to make it more of a flat color like the bands of the chair.

You should change some of the lights to not produce a specular thing, because it’s showing all of them on the grill and it looks quite unnatural.

The shadow Is a bit strange cause it’s casting a blue full form shadow of the whole chair on the wall, I’d try to fix that a little.

Also back to the lights, it shows that you have lights behind the camera (or at least above it) but I don’t get the feel that there would actually be lights behind it. There isn’t so much as a light pole in the scene, I’d try to add one in the far corner at least.

Also it’s hard to figure out what the sign says so I’d try to clear up the lettering just a bit.

The towels look very realistic and I love it, I also like the water and the glass bottles, they all look really good.

Steps appear to be a little short, I think they could use a bit more depth.

That’s about all the critique I can give. I love the scene and can’t wait to see it finished.

if your focal point is the chairs and the barbeque, I would suggest darkening the background or reducing the sharpness a little. theres a ton of detail everywhere and your eyes dont know where to focus.

also I can’t tell if it is an outdoor scene or an indoor scene. the lights at the back seem to make it look underground but there is no windows and a grill, which suggests its outside, but the lighting is rather sharp suggesting its either night or inside… just a bit confusing.

other than that it looks great. good models and textures

take a few reference pictures of that type of fire and the shadows it casts,
The intensity of that fire wont cast such fine shadows… the shadows from that light look like a pretty strong point light, or radial array of spots. I would expect more diffused shadows (even from fires far more powerful). The light make up confuses the viewer because the walls are pretty light, so this suggests some strong overhead light that we cant see… a very cold light… instantly kills the atmosphere…

Also, the material used for the chairs, the blue stuff… looks like a plastic, which is fine…but doesnt seem very translucent, however, the power of the fire lights is casting through it to make the shadows blue. This causes your scene to have shadows on the rightwall above the bath ( i like the bath! ) that seem to dirty up the visual cohesiveness. you should see those because the fire looks weak (but as said earlier, casts unnecessarily powerful shadows)

kill the strong lights, and turn the fire light to a different colour for warmth, and lets see what it looks like.

to much light from the grill, heavy texture on walls, plus the bump don’t match the texture :slight_smile: