Looking for day to night pictures for a dynamic wallpaper on Linux-KDE


A plugin was recently released for KDE that allows the user to have his desktop background change according to the sun’s position. This plugin uses a set of pictures of the same place taken at different time of the day. I would like to package some wallpapers for this plugin so I am looking for pictures :slight_smile:

Would like to create some dynamic wallpapers ?

If yes, here is what I need to package a wallpaper:

  • 16 pictures minimum of the same place, from sunrise to sunset and night

Pictures should have either the position where the picture was taken and the time. I have no idea how this done in blender. One picture every hour or everu hour and a half should be ok. Depending on how you simulate your sun, I need to know if it’s closer to the sun in Paris or in Tokyo for example.

The best would be if you could offer the pictures with creative common licence but they can also have your copyright. This is not for commercial usage. I hope you will be interested in this project !

Example of dynamic wallpaper:

Development page of the linux-KDE plugin:

(no wallpaper yet)

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Bringing this topic up. If anybody likes to share a day to night scene of any landscape or object, that could make some nice dynamic wallpapers for linux users.

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Hey Eogan,
I think this is a very interesting topic, but I believe there is currently no easy way to animate a day and night cycle in Blender. There is a sky texture where you can change the time, but the sky textures don’t support night, and they are also pretty inaccurate. I believe this is the reason why nobody answered. I did a bit of research, but I didn’t even find an addon for day and night cycles.

Ok I see, thanks for the info !

I let the topic open in case anybody wants to make such wallpapers. It doesn"t need a sky, it could also be an indoor picture but it needs a precise sun movement. I someone could create such a movementit could be used for any scene.

On hdrihaven, there is a series of 9 hi-res 360° hdr environments all shot in the same location: