Looking for dedicated graphics generalist

Hey everyone,

We are working on a cross-platform RTS style game (on a live battlefield) in Unity. The idea of the game is that players can create their own decks with cards they own and use it in a match against other players. Cards belong to an element (fire, air, water,…) which represents the fighting style of the unit. In order to summon a card in game the player must have enough energy and the right elements.

We are looking to build a tightly connected 4 man team: 2 coding generalists, 1 graphics generalist (open), 1 sound generalist (open).

The game: RTS inspired by Battleforge (from gameplay and visual perspective): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqJoJ1mdgPI&feature=youtu.be&t=1m45s
Short term goal: Create a game that features basic gameplay for pc. We haven’t decided on the artstyle yet, you can have a major word in this. We experimented with low-poly texture less, but we are also open for handpainted, realistic or even a 2.5D sprite based game. Hit us with your idea!
Flexible long-term goals: Make it playable on Tablet / Console / VR, with different art styles for every platform.

We want to have fun and learn things along the way. We build it to be maintainable and not just scrap something together. If we see something that is not optimal, we fix it instead of continuing to produce new things.

Tasks for the graphics generalist:

  • Responsible for all visuals, so mostly:
    • models (characters / monsters / environment)
    • textures
    • rigs
    • animations
    • UI appearance
    • integrate the above into Unity

Here is a video demonstration the current state of our project:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=83x-6ihfMv8&feature=youtu.be The video shows a 1 vs 1 match via our server from start to finish. Gameplay wise a lot has already been implemented (and is already played as seen on the video), but the visuals are lacking behind and that’s where we need your help.

The coders take care of implementing the logic of the gameplay. You will take care of visualizing the gameplay. We work together at the intersection, where information from the gameplay is needed to visualize it (eg the position of units or UI causing actions).

These are some of the things we are looking for in a graphics generalist:

  • Be a master at at least one of the aforementioned tasks and eager to learn the others.
  • Be mature. Preferably older than 17-18 years old.
  • Be self-critical. The idea is that you work until you think that the players of the game and the rest of the group are happy/proud of the work you have done.
  • Able to work independently. In the past we often had team members that relied on us giving them tasks. Instead we would like you to completely take charge of the visuals and be able to make decisions independently. Of course sometimes decisions are discussed with the rest.
  • Spend 10-15 hours / week. This is flexible, depends on how good you are.
  • Be interested in shaping the visuals of the game. You must insure that every visual element fits nicely together with the other elements.
  • Be able to take part in discussions every other day in a discord group chat.
  • Be interested in creating an RTS that is a bit different from standard RTS.

If you would like to join or have any further questions I would like to encourage you to contact me via discord (SetlarSeen#5118),as I am more likely to answer you quicker there.

Thanks for your time and kinds regards,


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