Looking for details on how-to install a dualboot system with OS X 10.5/Ubuntu 7.10

Since I had serious problems with blender 2.45 under OS X 10.3.9 on my iMac G5 I now upgraded to 10.5, but just found out that “Undo” is not working at all under Leopard for me…

So now I either have to downgrade to 10.3.9 (worst case), or hopefully better get Ubuntu 7.10 installed and have a dualboot system and switch to Ubuntu for working with blender for the time being.

I was able to boot from the Ubuntu 7.10 PPC Desktop/Live Cd and saw that video and sound were working and thought that’s good enough to go ahead with a full dualboot setup/installation.

But so far I could not find a detailed step by step how-to do this, only bits an pieces of information. Since I’ve never installed Linux before I don’t want to take any risks and would need some help with this.

The best related link I could find is


but it involves back-up software and an empty external harddrive, both of which I currently don’t have…

On the Ubuntu Mac forum I found out that:

"Use the partitionner on the CD to shrink your OS X partition (backup important data first!!!) don’t add anything in the empty space left, then, in the installer, tell it to install in the largest available free space (be careful not to tell it to wipe the entire disk)

if all install wells you will have your dual-boot system"

What I don’t understand: do I have to reinstall OS X first…? And the “partitioner”: would this be “Disk Utility” or a tool from the Ubuntu 7.10 Cd…? In which order do I have to do things and will it “just work” or do I need to type some Linux specific commands during installation…?

Any tips welcome…

I don’t have a MAC!
No need to reinstall
You must liberate some space, doesn’t matter how.
Have you a “disk partitioner” tool in MacOS? I guess yes?!
Just use it, it’s probably easier!
Ubuntu needs quite some space…maybe at least 10 Gb if you can
Then in the installation process, choose “personalized” and make 3 partitions in the empty space:
/ - the root/system one, ext3 file system, 5GB?
SWAP - the swap one, 1 GB?
/home - your personal partition, ext3 , the rest of the space?

with this setup, you can reinstall many Linux’s and keep your “data” safe in /home partition ( just never create or format one anymore)

Thanks…! I’m still in the middle of figuring out some details, but once I’ve got my OS X/Ubuntu dualboot system working I’ll post a short how-to since I think this might be of interest to others…

If anyone happens to know how-to “resize” an OS X partition with gparted (so that I can then use the Ubuntu automatic partitioner): I’m still looking for a step by step help, since I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do with the options I see…