looking for dinosaurs

hallo i am looking for dinosaurs on the web in 3d but i could not find any. does anybod have an idea where to find them. they can cost something, but not to much ,heheh. i need a dino which is flying, another one running on the ground and others.
an help?

If I were you I would fire up your copy of blender and make one :smiley: It’d be a challenge but at least you wouldn’t be borrowing anyone’s work!

Try 3d cafe or gamasutraexchange, they have all kind of models, some are free, others aren’t.

i modelled a t-rex a long time ago.i could have let you borrow it…but unfortunately i lost it because of H-D crash.

env is the Blender reference for dinosaurs AFAIK




I have a brontosaurus I made while following (well sort of!) a lightwave tutorial some time back. No textures unfortunately, but it’s got a basic armature, so can be animated pretty easily. It’s really not very impressive!!!

You’d need to do some work on it, but you’re welcome to it if you want it.



EDIT: little DIVX here, I’ve since fixed the problem with front leg “clicking in” when fully extended…

i think you should make one on your own… it would feel like yours, and you could put it in ur porfolio!