Looking for Environment Modeler and Animator

Hi guys,

My name is Sagan, I’m a 24 year old hobbyist game developer. I’m working on a Fantasy Action Adventure, and I’m looking for some people to join my team. Here’s a video of my project so far:

I’ve done all you can see, as well as programming in Unity, but I just don’t have time for both, so I would like to find an artist to take over the environments. Also I’ve been using free animations from Mixamo, and while they’re decent enough for testing, I would really like custom animations.

So I’m looking for the following people:


  • You will be in charge of doing character animations
  • You must be able to do reasonably realistic animations and export them for use in Unity 3D

Rigger/Technical Artist
- You will be in charge of rigging characters and setting them up to be animated

  • You must be able to rig and skin characters in a professional and detailed manner
  • You must be able to do facial rigs and set up automated blend shapes

3D Modeler

  • You will be in charge of modeling the environments for the game
  • You must be able to do well optimized, modular, lowpoly models
  • You must be able to do detailed highpoly models and bake normal and AO maps
  • PBR texturing preferred, but not required

If you are a character artist and you are interested in joining, please feel free to contact me as well!

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

Contact: [email protected]

Sadly, I don’t have skills with texturing to apply for your project :frowning:
I wish you good luck, the game looks good so far.

The game is looking good so far. Good luck with the volunteers!

Thanks for the kind words, guys :slight_smile:

The most I can do for you Is model the environments. If you’re needing any basic human models I could maybe do that, but the texturing is way out of my league unless it’s basic. Other than that I am an accomplished environmental artist.

bump. still looking

Are you still looking for an animator? I’ve had experience with animating 3d models when I modded wc3 before. I’m getting used to animating through IK now since I used to do full FK.