Looking for Environmental/Character Modeler

Hello! My team is looking to get in contact with modelers. We need a modeler that can create detailed anatomically correct humans in these styles (you will be able to pick whichever you prefer):

We also need an environmental modeler that can create some basic indoor environments for us (e.g. a small apartment).

The artists will have essentially full artistic control over what the characters/environments look like. We will give minor feedback, but other than that, this project will be pretty free form.

We pay per completed model, prices are negotiable.

Please contact me at the following email and include your portfolio and any questions you may have if you’re interested:
[email protected]

pm been sent !

Hello everyone! Thanks for all of the emails so far.

We’re still looking for artists, so please keep the emails coming!

I’ll update this thread once all of the required roles have been filled! Thank you so much!

I am willing to work on the project, whether for 3d modeler of environments or characters.
Any questions, feel free to get in touch.

link with some of my projects.

email: [email protected]
Danilo Castro

Hey Daniel! thanks for the offer. I’ve written down your contact information in case we need you down the line!

Thanks for the emails everyone! We’ve found the modelers we need! I’ll make a new thread if we need more!

OK, thank you.
Needing, just send an email.

Danilo Castro