Looking for examples of Armory 3d HTML5

Sorry if this is not the correct category for this… it’s the best I’ve got…

I’m looking for examples of Armory 3D html5 examples. Basically, at the moment we’re creating realtime 3D thingies with Blend4Web… mostly they’re an object that you can rotate on screen with some simple interactions - buttons triggering animations, annotations. Small file sizes are important. The downside of Blend4Web is that we have to re-material everything.

Hi, try downloading an example blend / scene from the official repos. github.com/armory3d/armory_tutorials, or /armory_examples, or /armory_templates should hold something akin to your vision / needs. Open the blend, set the exporter to Browser and press Play. If things don’t display right install Chrome or Chromium and try again.

Thank you, but I would really like see HTML5 on a webpage, like what it’s designed for.

Ever saved a web page then viewed it offline? You can do the same with the Armory3d output from the above process. Or make a web site and host / serve the html5 / game if you’re still not convinced. itch.io might show some examples if you search by engine.

Found this with some navigation built in:

Thankyou - very handy.