Looking for examples of tri's and poles messing things up...

Im in the learning pit and everywhere i read or watch a video tut there is the constant mantra “avoid triangles at all costs, it messes up deformation and is hard to animate”.

I would like to see this in a animation, see what this looks like to know what to avoid. I would love to see a high poly organic model deform with problems vs the same model with only/mostly quads and great topology,

Anyone seen/have anything like this?

My flickr with my learning progress so far: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tyckeri/ crit? The “elsy_restart_3” has strange porportions i know


I’ve seen things like this in my own work, when I have animated a messed up mesh, but I delete those files. I’ve never thought to upload them somewhere to show people how bad my work is. Maybe someone else has done so.

It would be great help. As a newbie you dont really know what to look out for. Ofcourse, doing misstakes and correcting is a way of learning. But guidelines of what just plain doesnt work would be great, thats is the sort of advice you get from taking classes etc.

Modelling and animating without knowing this stuff may make one think it is a sort of style. Maybe, sometimes it is.