Looking for exotic car model for a joke video.

Hello everyone,

We were thinking of playing a little joke on some friends. We basically want to make a gag video with someone showing off their “new exotic car”. We will, of course, reveal the truth afterwards.

Does anyone have an approximate already-made model (preferably with textures) of an exotic car (preferably ferari or lambo, but we’re not fussy). The plan is to camera-track a video and import the model. It is not worth the time to build and texture the model from scratch.

To pull off the video, the car really should have some realism and be believable. However, the model doesn’t have to precisely model every detail of the car. In fact, for copyright reasons, I prefer it did not. The model just has to fool the observer into thinking it’s an exotic car. Note that the friends might post the video on a social website from the smartphone.

The cars that I have seen on model websites were either not realistic / believable, or too expensive.

Thanks for your time.

Have a look on blendswap

Thanks for the tip, Photox !