Looking for experienced Blender Artists for TVC work

Dear Blender Friends,
I’m looking for experienced Blender Artists for possible collaborations on TV commercials, in the near future.
This will be fully paid work.

But let me explain:
I am a director for high-class TV commercials. Doing mostly beauty jobs (Fragrance, Hair & Skin Care, Fashion, but also Electronics, and so on.)
In the past I often experienced, that clients cancelled planned CG work, because the post houses were too expensive. Which was disappointing for me as a director.
Now, since I started learning Blender several month ago to post produce my own feature film, I’m planning to do some of the CG work for my commercials by myself. I offer fair prices to the clients…and a level of commitment, which no post house could match.
Obviously, since I’m also the director and am extremely interested, that my commercials look great. :wink:

The work can include classic, high-class product animations, set extensions, liquid animations.
But also wilder, more artsy light animations of electronic objects, animated animals, abstract or dream-like particle animations. Basically whatever I come up with, while creating the shooting boards for the films.

Currently I’m working on my first commercial CG job, by the way - for a fragrance commercial.

Now, why am I reaching out to you?
If I should get more commercial work in, I will need the help of other Blender Artists at some point.

Especially in these 3 scenarios:

  1. The work is too much for myself and I need help from another Artist.

  2. The work demands something, I’m not good enough at. (Remember, I just work with Blender for a few month.)

  3. A job has been done - but the client demands changes. If I’m away on another shoot at that time, I would need the help of another artist to do those changes.

So I would love to get in contact with some great Blender Artist - which could lead to a professional collaboration.
At this point I can not say how it will turn out. I will try to push some more CG into my ads, but I also depend on the jobs I get offered. So I can’t make any promises. But I want to be prepared, if jobs really gonna happen.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this will be fully paid work. Yes, I will offer CG cheaper than conventional post houses. But I won’t offer dumping prices. I also don’t want to compete against post houses and steal their jobs. (I got quite a few friends in post houses). BUT Posts simply need to charge relatively high prices to pay for their whole infrastructure, administration and so on. AND clients are often not ready to pay this much and cancel the CG entirely. That’s where we come in!

Now, what am I looking for in an Artist?

You should have a lot of experience with photorealistic CG and Blender. If possible in many or all areas of CG work. Modelling, texturing, lighting, physics & particle simulation, animation.
If you’re specialised in one of these topics (eg. character animation) it could be very interesting, as well.
You should have a good portfolio with photorealistic work. Product presentations, Arch-viz, Cars, Nature, Characters. Even sci-fi scenarios. Whatever you did so far.
Experience with After Effects (or other compositing softwares) and Photoshop is welcome - but not a must.
Please be aware, I’m more interested in the quality of your work, than the years of experience.

If you are interested in a possible collaboration, please post a link to your portfolio and some contact information. Please also state what country you’re from.
If you like to get more infos about me, my work or this ad, don’t hesitate to ask in this thread.

I might not answer right away to your portfolios. It depends on jobs. And I might not answer everybody. So please don’t feel bad, if you don’t get a reply asap.

If you like to get an idea about my work - here is my webpage:
And here’s my thread about how I started working with Blender:
CG Effects for live action Feature Film



Hello, Jolly

I am Ravi from India and i am an archviz artist.

you can see my portfolio here:

I use blender for all my work and you can reach out to me at
[email protected]

Let me know if you find my skills useful.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Awesome opportunity. Message sent.


My name is Edgard Antonio, I’m from Brazil, and I’m freelancer 3d animation, I use Maya since
2002 for my work and Blender since 2011, following some of my work, I am Bachelor of Computer Science.


  • Blender
  • Maya


  • Animation
  • Rigging
  • Rendering / Light / Shading
  • Scripting

Studios and companies I worked:

  • Rock in Rio

  • 3DAr (Argentina)

  • Romeu e Julieta Studio

  • Techno Image

  • and others

My Reel - 100% Blender

Reel Animation - https://vimeo.com/292037213

Skype: edgard.caliman


Hello Jolly! I´m a graphic designer, illustrator and 3D artist from Argentina.
Please visit my Behance to see some of my work for TVC and other purposes!
I Hope we can work together!!
Greetings! Thanks!

Hello , my name is Francesco , from Switzerland,

I am a 3D generalist , and I use Blender, along with other software, to deliver Cgi shots, simulations, assets and more.

here you can see the link to some of my last works

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnbt-jboTUA full Cgi environment in the majority of the shots

https://www.instagram.com/p/Bxi4puHF4Lh/ Cgi for the majority of the shots + physics sims

https://www.instagram.com/p/BvjgFEFn6RZ/ CGi for all the flora, + camera tracking in the moving shot.

these are just my last work , I hope they speak enough about the quality of my work .

for more of my personal works, you can visit my website, www.studioeffe3d.com

I like your work , and I would like to discuss about a possible collaboration, since I saw that you are looking for artists on blenderartists.org.

aside Blender, I use marvelous designer, Unity, adobe suite, and I am starting using Fusion for the compositing.

you can answer me via mail, or call via whatsapp /telegram if you want. I see that you are based in Germany, not far , and that could make everything much easier!

for any question , please feel free to contact me at any time!

I wish you a great day, Francesco

I’d like to thank everyone who responded to my post.
I received a lot of mails from many talented artists.

I will get in contact with you, whenever I got a job we could collaborate on.

If someone else would like to apply - always welcome.
It’s great to get to know artists with different skills.


Hello this is my portifolio…


My skills:

  • Character Concept - AA
  • Creating 3D MockUps - AAA
  • 3D modeling assets and characters - AAA
  • 2D and 3D animation - AA
  • 3D Lighting and Texturing - AA
  • 3D rendering - AA
  • Creating 3D environments - AA
  • Visual effects - AAA

Contact: [email protected]

Services in the field of 3D modeling, visualization, animation, 3D printing, CNC. Delivery of products for needs of visualization, animation; compatibility with common 3d editors, Unity, Unreal Engine and/or 3D printing, CNC machine processing.

Some of my works on:

Alexander Volkov.
e-mail: [email protected],
tel.: +7 (912) 598-95-16 (+WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram),
Skype: evenbur.

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