Looking for Experienced Character Modeler to Design One Character

I am working on a sci-fi action film titled Zanthuria. The project will be rendered in stereoscopic VR, and I intend to submit it to the Oculus Store when done. This is a school project, and so I believe it goes without saying that I am 100% committed to this project.

I need help. Shortly after finishing the model for my human character (Nate) I realized I had messed up. The model cannot be rigged, and the underlying mesh is a complete mess. This was my first attempt at modeling a human character, and I need to move this project along, so I cannot afford to spend time remodeling Nate, especially since there’s a chance I could mess it up again.

What I want specifically is someone with experience to remodel this character from the ground up using top, side and front views of the broken model (and referencing a close-up render of his face for the hair, as the hair is now broken too), and then rig him using Rigify.

A fellow user has given me a very handy set of Q&A questions to demonstrate my ability and commitment to the project. If you have any doubts about my commitment or abilities, refer to this section:

Q: Have you written a script?
A: Yes, you can view an excerpt of it here. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t contain any spoilers)

Q: Have you done any concept art?
A: I have made a logo for the film, some rough animatics, and a couple concept renders of my characters.

Q: Have you storyboarded?
A: Hand-drawn art is not one of my strong suits. I have, however, outlined most scenes using crude models in an animated form.

Q: Have you designed any characters?
A: Yes. In addition to this character, I have a robotic character named Aiden. He is fully rigged and ready to animate. I have also downloaded a free-to-use pre-rigged soldier model from www.blendswap.com.

Q: Have you built any scenes?
A: I have built rough versions which I will soon revamp into actual scenes.

Q: What have you done in the past?
A: You can see all my previous work on my YouTube channel. There is a link to it in my signature.

Q: What can you actually do?
A: Refer to my YouTube channel. I can animate, edit, screenwrite, create postable content, and I am now learning how to produce music.

Q: Have you made a time-scale plan?
A: I had one, but my character modeling issues messed the whole thing up.

Q: Who’ve you got involved with the project?
A: The tech teacher at my school, and a few of my friends.

A huge thank you in advance to anyone willing to help! I will post the front, side and top views once I get a response.

i can make you a new character model … just provide me a reference ( dont give me a bunch of stupid garbage images :smiley: )… my question is what kind of texture you want ? nodes or hand made texture ? and also pls take note i always submit my model 1 or 2 days … if no reply 1 hr after i give the model then mean the model is ok and i wont rework it again… dont forget i want the credit of the model since im the one model it :cool::cool::cool: