Looking for experienced modeler to create models/assets for scientific animation tool

Dark Star Systems is looking for someone to create high quality Blender molecular-animation backgrounds/sets, along with simplified glTF versions for WebGL preview using custom tools, for our BioViz Studio product.

We’re looking for someone with experience, creativity and vision as well as ability to work quickly.
Right now we need some high quality realistic 3d models of bio/molecular structures (organelles, Golgi apparatus, vacuoles, centrosomes, vesicles, whole cell models, neurons) – we will provide reference images & guidance, you deliver .blend file(s) with model+texture+material.


  • significant experience with Blender 2.8x+: modeling, lighting, shading, and texturing
  • reel with architectural, medical or scientific blender scenes
  • proven experience with modeling, lighting, texturing in Cycles
  • understanding of render optimization in Cycles
  • availability and flexibility


  • Knowledge of cell biology is a big plus

We are creating a tool for customers to create their own photorealistic molecular animations, using preset templates for backgrounds, lighting, materials, and camera moves. The animations will be used by customers to show and promote their molecules in academic and commercial settings. The product has a web-based previewer, and uses blender in the cloud for final renders.

Some video examples are available on our website at https://www.bioviz-studio.com .

Contract basis, payment per model delivered, flexible depending on experience/quality level. Let’s talk!

Please share your portfolio examples of applicable projects that demonstrate your competence in the field to [email protected]. DMs here are OK but we are not always here so email is best.

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