Looking for external rendering with openCL support? (Other than Lux)

I’ve got an AMD card in my computer, and I wish to do gpu renders, but that would require a nividia card. So I’m wondering if there are any free external rendering engines other than lux that support openCL renders, or am I just out of luck?

Pure OpenCL rendering? No, you’re out of luck.
Free render engines? No.

Indigo 3.0 supports OpenCL but AFAIR not with the bidirectional kernel, and it’s nowhere as fast as CUDA.
VrayRT supports OpenCL but again, AFAIK only the Nvidia OpenCL implementation works “properly”, AMD/Intel not so much. There should be a “no guarantee warning” somewhere on chaosgroups’ homepage.

OpenCL kernels still require a huge amount of memory to compile and some things are still not working properly and some other things are simply a PITA for developers. That’s why CUDA made the race.

I don’t think you’ll find much more complete than LuxRender if you’re looking in the for ‘free’ market.

LuxRender these days also comes with smallLux which is basically another render engine who uses the same GUI and exporter. With Lux you kinda get 2in1.

You can try Lagoa

Another alternative is RayPump, setup your scene in Blender and render online on Tesla 6GB cards.
Single HD render are free, work really nice.



Cheers, mib.

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