Looking for eye rigging tutorial

well, not just the eye, but riging for eye lashes and eye brow as well. i personaly tried to rig eye lashes with polygon and textured alpha, and tried to rig it so the eye lid will closed and opened seamlessly with polygon eye lashes, but no success story :frowning:

i used bone and weight the eye lashes but to match it with eye lid movement is really hard. the movement always give me unpredictable result. if anybody have any idea, i really appreciate it. thanks in advance… :smiley:

hey johantri,

I’m not aware of any tutorials specifically for this, but I’ve attached an example file of how I would do it. Additional bones are on Bone Layer 2. I like this setup because it is simple and quick with a nice result. I’ve augmented it to include long fluttering eyelashes, using B-Bones (which are curved initially by using a parent bone).

Suzanne isn’t actually a good example for this, since her eyelids aren’t round… but it should give you ideas :slight_smile:


eyelashesRig.blend (327 KB)

I could recommend using shape keys for facial movements (Like adjusting the brow)

http://wbs.nsf.tc/tutorial/tutorial_shapekey_e.html <=== Tutorial

Shape keys are very useful when it comes to animating

thanks feelgoodcomics, i’ve try your rig and tested it, so you create a bones for the eye lid and eye lashes, however when the eye shuts it doesn’t look like it closed, the eye lid just keeping the round shape. i also look into another rig files, but they dont have eyelashes on it…:frowning:

but i’ll look into blendshape, thanks nicktechguy, hopefully i’'ll get some enlightment.

if anyone have a clue, please let me know.

If the eyelid is made to be round, it will close properly. You can also change the weighting, or combine the setup with shapekeys if you need to. It was just a quick example to get you started.