Looking for feedback and critique

hey Jerdna,
Great job on your walk. I think its a solid pass a few tweaks and I think it will be great. These can be hard just because so much is going on at once, and when your first starting out it takes a while to train your eye on all of it. I have the feeling your going for more of a vanilla walk (if you are not you can ignore most of what I say :slight_smile: ) Lets dive in!
-Right now it looks like he’s doing lunges. I think that’s because he’s spending a lot of time in a down position. Try this. Bring the head up a little bit at each of the contacts so the legs are nearly straight. (Frame 1 and Frame 20)
-On frame 15 the back heal stops rising and doesn’t continue again until frame 21. Try to have that heal moving up all the way until the toe comes off the ground.
-Same with the other foot at frame 34 - frame 2
-Remember to get some Z rotation on the head as well, it would be the most rotated on the contact poses (frames 1 and 20) Getting the hips (or in this case the head) rotation correct will save time and headaches on fixing knee pops during the polish pass.

That’s all I got. I hope that helps you out. Again, solid pass, just a few more tweaks to push it to the next level. Keep at it!

Thanks Osterschlager for your detail reply. I try to do something but maybe I need more practice because the longer I try to fix the badder it looks.
Here is my updated playblast version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeSOoTZYzIo&feature=youtu.be