Looking for feedback - best practises, topology, getting good UV/maps for Mixer2020, etc

Uploading pictures, though I know that this isn’t the ideal way for you to check out my meshes and topology etc, so if someone is interested in throwing some tips my way I’m happy to link the .blend file for you to look at.

I’m fairly happy with how the model is looking in theory, as in it looks pretty much ‘right’ and the basic blender paintjob I’ve done seems to work. But now I want to practise the next stage, where I end up with an actual game-compatible mesh/object and can import the files into Mixer2020 to do a proper texturing job on it.

I’ve tried to export the normal maps etc from this model, and they seem to come out… a bit janky. I suspect I need to fix a bunch of geometry (that I wasn’t aware was broken haha).

Appreciate any pointers :slight_smile:

Edit: Ignore that the long ‘nose’ part of the fuselage seems to be missing half of the model, I apparently didn’t have the mirror modifier turned on for that picture. I’ve not ‘accepted’ all the modifiers for this save file of the model yet, as obviously I might want to make changes before I do that.