looking for feedback on a sculpted rock piece..

Hey guys, after a day or two identifying a scene from a game I like I wanted to start making something a bit similar. Mountains with stones I guess or smooth rock embedded into the cliff sides. I just started to do a quick sculpt to then bake the normals to a retopo. low poly version. I just wanted some feed back as to the general shape, maybe I should use a displacement map to give it more details? or should I keep sculpting in details with the brushes?

I also was thinking of just adding some details to the textures like cracks and such but I’m not too sure. The kind of rock I’m going for is somewhat smooth. The art direction I want to go for is a blend of cartoony and maybe realism. I know atm it is really smooth but I’m not sure how I can add cracks in unless I make a special brush to do it.

geometry is realy enough… try to use some bump and displacement and good textures.

is it still a raw sculpt? if so i would retop it first.