Looking for feedback on a somewhat custom modeled D-eagle handgun

Here are some pictures of what its looking like so far, its a WIP and I had a hard time modeling some parts like the indents at the top and that area with the circular shape around the indents as well since its curved in that area. Anyways let me know if I should change anything, perhaps its looking a bit too strange? If anything I can always make this D-Eagle look a bit different. So please I really need some feedback and yes this is the high poly. I am going to retopo this gun later for the low poly with maybe better topology since I’m using subSurf. Sorry again if wrong area to post as I didn’t really thing this would fit in the critique section because its only to help me improve.

This should probably be moved to “focused critique”

I would say it’s pretty nice so far, and I don’t know exactly how this gun looks, however it seems to me it’s missing some sharper edges, as the top for example.
Some pieces are also obviously missing but I’m guessing you’ll add them later.
I also think the handle is too wide and not long enough.