Looking for feedback on base mesh~

Hello there! I am relatively new to modeling and would appreciate greatly if anyone could help by giving some feedback. I have been working on this base mesh for the past week and am planning to use it for an animation I’m working on. Before I retopologize, it would be nice to get feedback on if any part looks awkward so that I don’t miss something obvious, (aside from the face, I’m doing that a bit later). I’m looking mostly for anatomy critiques, but any 3d or general modeling tips are appreciated as well. Also note that I’m not going for 100% realism, just something that looks natural. Thanks for your time~ ^.^ (Also first time using Sketchfab, let me know if it isn’t working.)

The first thing that jumps out to me is the general proportion of the body (the hand and feet are way too small etc), so maybe try working on that first.
The second thing that is very apparent is how flat the model is, in reality the spine has a significant curve and that is true for other parts of the body as well. Try to find references of people in different poses, it might help in understanding the 3d shapes.
The last thing that doesn’t really work is your details. They look like they’re drawn lines, as opposed to actual 3d shapes. Try defining your shapes using broader strokes, and look for actual volume in those shapes. Avoid defining muscles with lines on the surface.

Overall I recommend that you do a few more sculpts. Doing one or more sculpts a day is a good way to improve quickly and it helped me in the past. Don’t concern yourself about the details, do rough sculpts and look for bigger shapes and volumes. Best of luck!

Thank You, this is exactly the type of criticism I was looking for!