Looking for feedback on finished HP_D.Eagle Handgun

So this is my first actual gun I’ve finished modeling and I want to know if there is something I should improve on. It was a bit of a challenge and I embedded some shaped into the actual model to avoid certain over-lapping. I’m working on modeling weapons currently in hopes of opportunities later but I must make sure I’m ready. This is a high poly model by the way and I do plan to retopo. it to make the low poly to bake the normals. It can also be animated and certain parts are kept separate at the moment but once everything is finalized I will finish this project and move onto my next weapon design. Please any feedback would be great, I know its not 100% like the D.Eagle but its very close I suppose. Forgot to mention I didn’t make certain edges sharp because I heard it would ruin or cause normal map issues.

it’s too smooth and not too detailed

Hey thanks for the feedback and yes I would agree with you there. Well the reference I used had certain details that I knew I can just fake out with a texture so I didn’t include it here. However I did change things up a bit to make it a little different from the usual D.Eagle handguns that are seen in games like CS. Here is a different result where I changed some things around, redirected some topology flow although I plan to retopo. this later for even better edge flow. The edges are a bit more sharper, I just wanted to kind of catch light on them so it looks nice. I’m thinking about making the grip a little more bigger so the hand can actually fit around it comfortably.