Looking for feedback on Sir Ian McKellen sculpted portrait

a bit of backstory: for the “old man” day in SculptJanuary i decided to attempt this portrait of Sir Ian McKellen.
I spent about 1.5~2 hrs on it and I’m pretty satisfied with the result but
I feel there’s something off (I mean something major not the little flaws which I’m sure there are plenty)
but I can’t quite put my finger on it
so, here’s to you to help me find what’s wrong with it


Looks nice, but not to much like Ian McKellen.

Can’t wait for Doris’ comments! To me, you got some mad skill

haha fred :wink:
mizukuroi, for 1.5-2 hours this is a very good start… yes, there are some big scale flaws… the skull volume is too small, making his head above the ears look too small in width. so this results in a wrong headshape when viewing from front. also you can see in the 3/4 view that this mass of skull is missing in your skulpt creating a “weak sideplane”… the eyearea is too big, the eyes need be smaller (since due to his age they are more sunken in) and the eyebrows you sculpted way too high. this makes that he looks very surprised and flattens the eye orbit. push the brow bone lower and also the eyebrows…and the earshape and position is wrong, he has already quite big ears due to his age, but they still fit almost in the space between eyebrow and nosetip, they are just a tad longer than nosetip. so, you need to raise the ears, and then pay attention of the outerborder in front view. you need to pull outwards the top rim more…two more things, a little less important: the muscles lack volume (go over them with the inflate brush carefully, subtle but do increase volume) and the checkbones need be more prononced… i hope this helps you out, as i said it is a good start, my sculpts do look similar in the beginning stage. now you need be patient and push and sculpt.