Looking for Female/Non-Binary to teach a 1-day Blender workshop


My name is Jonas and I teach Art + Technology. For an upcoming course I am looking for a female/non-binary person who is already experienced using Blender (perhaps for games), and knows the ins and outs of modelling, optimising assets etc. and who is curious lecturing a group of students (University level).

This would be through Zoom, unless you live in Stockholm :slight_smile:

You do not have to have experience teaching, I can help you design a fun and informative day. What you do need is to see education and pedagogy as an exciting challenge, and get motivated by collaborating/co-creating with 30-50 students.

Email me at [email protected], and I’ll share more details.

The workshop is paid.

Jonas Johansson

It might be good to add some info about why you need a Female/Non-Binary person for this?

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Yes, we run a tech heavy course with more than 50% women participating and would like to present diversity in the role models we bring in.

Diversity is a complex topic which we heavily simplify by inviting those identifying as female/non-binary.

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I’m locking and I listing this topic until @fweeb had a look at it.

After some internal debate we have decided to allow this post. Yes, OP simplified the diversity topic, but since they explained their reasoning and given their target audience we feel it’s justified in this specific case.

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