Looking for following tool: editing mesh, but keep mesh'es area constant

I’m wondering if there is this feature in Blender.
What I need is a tool which will edit mesh (by moving vertices) but overall area of the mesh will be constant. In other words, a tool which will not change edges length between vertices, but only angles between edges. This would be usefull while modelling cloth. For example, I have a model of character with trousers and i want to make some wrinkles on the trousers. I could use cloth simulation, but from my experience it’s hard to accomplish expected result (I’m reffering to static models for games for example, not 3d movie with dynamic cloth), usually I need to correct mesh after applying cloth simulation anyways. I could do that with sculp tool, but this will most likely change area of the mesh (make it uneven, which is not natural for cloth). In other words, is there a tool which behaves like cloth simulation, but only when i edit mesh (for example i have a grid and i want to move just one vertex, other vertices will also move so that length between every two connected (by edge) vertices will stay constant).


If it’s for a static 3d model, just model/sculpt it. That’s what all the AAA gaming pros do.