Looking for freelancer to create sets for cartoon/stylized show

Hello Fellow Blender Artists!

I’m looking for a Blender modeler/texturer to design some sets for a children’s cartoon my team has been working on. Here are a couple of example episodes using the older, simpler sets:


I’d like the new sets to be slightly more detailed, but not realistic–still trying to keep it in a stylized, cartoon style. Ideally, looking for something in the Doc McStuffins, T.O.T.S., Octonauts look.

I’m looking for a long-term freelancer who can model, texture, and provide basic lighting for multiple sets. The show is rendered using the EEVEE renderer.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If you think you’d be a good fit, and please give me an estimate of hourly rate or per set cost. Thanks and really looking forward to seeing your work!


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I sent you a message Jonathan

Ok, thanks. I’ll take a look.

Hi Jonathan,

Please check your PM.


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