Looking for Game Developers for a Game I am planning to produce.

Hi everyone. I am Shawn Moore. I am planning to produce a full-length video game with the Blender Game Engine named Liberty Agents. It will be about a group of three agents from a Chicago based agency “Coyote” who is sent on a mission to an Atlanta suburb named Appleton to investigate the kidnappings of female victims appeared to be done by a mysterious group of men. The gameplay will involve third person combat with guns and the hands, there will be puzzles to solve in some parts of the game and the game will be linear with the ability to explore the areas whenever wanted to. The graphics will be 3D and photo-realistic textures will be used to make the environments look realistic.

I am in need of at this time:
Environment Designers
Character Designers
Character Animators
Weapon Designers
Music Artist
Game Engine Tester

In within one week, I will set up my site so we can develop our team there and talk further information about the game there. The site is http://libertyagents.webs.com/.

My email is [email protected] if you want to contact me. Thank you.

hello i am is Character Designers and i can also animatie but not so good but i am good at modeling characters

hello i am is a Character Designers and i will be happy to join your team

i am is Character Designers and i will be happy to help

I highly recommend taking down the forum from your site. Within months spammers took mine down.

Weapon Designers
Music Artist
Environment Designers
hd graphics and sounds
about ads i can get that

I can make Animations a little bit scripting and Textures and Weapons.
I am german so i can translate the game into german

Music, Testing, and Environment. I am capable of all of these. I’m not too amazing with music but I’m decent, as long as its not too graphics heavy testing wouldn’t be an issue, environment I’m capable of to a certain extent.