Looking for GE-python programmer

Me and some of my friends are developing a game in Blender GE, but we need someone who is good at python programming in the GE. We have a first story draft for the game, we have consept images and we have a web-based communication site up for the team. Due to the fact that this may be a commersial game we cannot post the story here, but at least I can tell you it will be a adventure game very myst inspired.

We got contact with a swedish “company” (one guy) who right now are constructing a new gaming gear called J-Dome who will help us as much as he can in the marketing process later on (www.jdome.com)

We also have contact with a proffesional swedish actor who will perform live recordings to the game.

The game will be in english and if you want to help… send a mail to me about yourself and if you can, post some work examples. ([email protected])

If you are swedish, thats a plus, but you dont have to.

A couple of consept pictures, just to show we got something going:
http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/6924/conceptforttestlz1.th.jpg http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/4931/conceptfountainspinfinazo7.th.jpg http://img170.imageshack.us/img170/9308/conceptcaveentrancerb6.th.jpg

That jDome thing is awesome, but I aint buying one.Why dont you guys learn Python and how to use it in the GameEngine.I got some great links that would really help you.A few are;
and this one is for reference:

hope that helps.Great concept art, i hope your game turns out well.

Looks like you and your team are truely deticated. The concept art looks just great and quite professional. Best of luck!

| Sanguine |

Concept art is good :wink: Thumbs up! Unfortunately I am not a good programmer, so I can’t help you in that department.

James Out…

One piece of advice for making a commercial game. Be weary of the gpl :wink:

Although I’m fairly decent with Python, I’m unfortunately busy with other projects. But this this is a great way to attract the attention of one. It shows that you are willing to also but in effort. I love seeings posts like this as opposed to “I noob and want someone to make game for me :p”

Best of luck to you.